LED Solutions and Large Format Printing Media

Colibri LED CL.OPT.01E.75

Colibri LED CL.OPT.01E.75

LED signage module. Power- 0,36W, outdoor use (IP65). Low brightness decline. Life span upto 50,000 hours. ABS Base and premium overall lens. Double faced tape makes the installation easy.


  • Good Heat Sink system.
  • Low Brightness Decline.
  • Span Life Upto 50,000 hours
  • ABS Base and Overall Lens
  • Double Faced Tape or Screw Holeto Make Installation Easier 



Color Daily light
Temperature 7500
Voltage (V) 12
Watt (W) 0.36
Lumen (LM) 34
Efficiency (LM/W) 95
View (°) 160
Series connection (PCS) 20
Cover material ABS
Driver 12V (cc)
Weight (g) 20pcs 40
Span life (Years) 4 (5)
Size (mm) 19.5x10x9
Working environment (°C) -25-+70