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Neon Flex Tape

Neon Flex Tape

LED Neon Flex Tape, also known as flexible neon tube, led neon flex, etc., it has a hazy color and unique, This product is widely used in outstand the contours of the various buildings, the construction of large-scale lighting design, and a variety of interior decoration, residential landscaping. You can freely curve! Easy to install, it is the most suitable home building decoration, like ceiling groove, garden, bridge, walkway, large decorative works, etc. it also has good reflecting effect.


Saving Energy:

Save more than 80% in energy cost. It is a quarter of energy consumption for miniture bulb light rope and 1/6 of energy
consumption of traditional Glass Neon.


High flexible extrusion led rope light, very easy to shape various letter signs, patterns, trademark and logos

Low Heat:

it is a low energy consumption product, can operate under DC 24V, AC 120V, AC 240V, etc. it emits very little heat and the
surface temperature is less than 50 degree celsius normally.


the whole body is coated by PVC, LED neon flex operatge under 24V, 120V or 240V, not like traditional glass neon run on a high
voltage of over 6,000V.

Long life and durability:

made of high bright DIP LEDs, which is long lifespan product. It is high inflammable class and suitable exposed outdoor location
material, it is more durable, impact resist and simply to maintance.

Continuous Light Effect:

Continously for hundreds meter by one power supply. Its light effect is better than normal rope light and glass neon.