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Colibri® Floor Lamination Film 180µm

Colibri® Floor Lamination Film 180µm

This Self Adhesive Floor Lamination Film is a cost effective 180 micron monomeric film with a permanent acrylic base adhesive. It is suitable for flat surfaces-glass, metal, painted and lacquered rigid plastic surfaces. Suitable for promotional vehicle fleets, signage, window displays, public transport and exhibition panels. Available in matt white.


Product No.: CEMLF180130 ( 1270 )
 Type: Calendered monomeric, clear, matt
Width: 1.27m
Thickness: 180µm
Coating: No Coating

Permanent, clear acrylic base. No reaction between solvent ink and adhesive

Liner weight: 120g/m2, PE coated silicon paper
Application temperature: Minimum 10C°
Temperature resistance: -20C° to 65C°
Storage: 21C°
Durability: 3-6 months under horizontal indoor exposure